A broken beast

A broken beast

I took the 5-ton m932A2 military 6×6 out to play in the snow.  This truck is built like a tank.  Typical military all solid steel.  I went out and brought the 14 liter diesel engine to life.  The sound it makes in unmistakable.  Plus a bit of exhaust is something else!  You really feel prepared for anything when all 10 tires start moving and you are sitting level with the roof.

I should have grabbed the camera earlier to catch the startup.

We were about a two blocks up the street, using all 10 tires crawling over three plus feet of snow… as a tank should.  When all of a sudden, the front axle unlocks.  Just happens the front axle locks are pneumatic (operated by compressed air).  As I step out I hear a hissing… oh no.  The snow/ice had snapped a glad-hand. (the hose attachment for air brakes on trailers)

You know what else is powered by air?  The brakes… Yes it has air brakes.  Compressed air is used to hold the springs off the brakes so you can drive.  Without air the brake springs will lock the tires.  Had to get back home… I made a temporary solution 🙂

I call that my previous presidential solution 🙂

It held to get back in the drive way.  Had to grab a few caps from Home Depot and two days of fighting with the connectors that broke to get them off.  What a pain.  The end result is…

Some how I broke both sides, which is service and emergency air.   So two caps go on!

Drove around the yard to break up and play in the snow.  The caps held and all air brake and pneumatic systems operating as designed.  You can see the side of the tires.  The track is about up to my girls knee… with the windows  up the the roof line.  Feels good to have the beast fixed.  Still cannot believe I broke the beast on snow :/

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