Advantage Avionics Update

Advantage Avionics Update

Last week they called me to schedule the repair.  We scheduled and agreed Monday at 9:30AM.  That was a take off in Chino at 09:00AM and should really get here in 15 minutes.   Because it is so early in the morning, I figure no point to go to work for a few minutes just to come back.  So, I will wait… and fiddle with the locks until they arrive.

But then, just before 09:00AM I get a phone call.  Oh no….  Apparently someone is picking up a plane or something and there is going to be a delay.  Okay, I am a reasonable person.  How long do you need?  Well, Maybe 11:00Am or 13:00, or 14:00.  I told them I have to get my Daughter before 14:40, need to finish repairs before then.

So I wait… Managed to just about finish the baggage door lock… and I wait.  Run to the store for drinks, grab some lunch.. etc, and then wait.

About 13:00 I get the call saying they should be on our way, but because he picked up the plane or they have no power… we are going to drive out.  Should only take 45 minutes to get there.  Well that’s just great… I see you about 15 minutes till 14:00… how long do you think you need to fix it. They should have it done in an hour.  Wait, what… and hour.  so at 15:00.  Amazing.

They shows up and he seems cool, got right to work.  While he was testing and working, I managed to just about finish the front lock.  However, running short on time, I left him to work and went to pickup my girl.  Made it back just in time for him to finish up as everything is fixed and all good to go.

Now, on the positive note,  I had plenty of time while waiting to install the Kool Scoop in the window, Install locks on the baggage door and passenger doors!  If I had planned a full day at the airport, I would have brought the oil, filter, and safety wire and done the oil change while I waited,  Oh well… next time.

Items left to do: Oil change, plane wash, secure ADS-B IN SkyRadar.



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