Air New Zealand Flight 1

Air New Zealand Flight 1

A few years ago I had a flight on Air New Zealand. It was such a fantastic experience I have booked the same airline for each trip between LAX and London. As far as the flight, crew, food I cannot say enough good things. You start catching the same crew going back and forth and you almost connect like family.

As you board the aircraft, you are greeting with all smiles and Champaign. As you get comfortable in your single seat, you review the menu for the flight. As they come by and introduce themselves by name, they also get to know what you are going to be drinking for the flight. I asked for some Johnny Walker!

Soon after take off, they bring my johnny walker with some assorted nuts for a snack. As they prepare for dinner. This includes making a table, with cloth, and ready napkins and the like. Everything was absolutely great. As you can see it is a full three course meal. This helps put you to sleep for the majority of the flight. The cabin lights adjust to trick your mind into sleeping, and again to help you wake for the day just in time for breakfast.

Breakfast starts off with a Juice, then fruit salad, some sandwich, and a doughnut type pastry. By time you deplane, I am sure you have gained some weight. All quite delicious.

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