Base Radio Install

Base Radio Install

It was well overdue to get my base radio installed. I wanted something that would look clean, be functional, and work well. I used the kenwood TM-V71A mobile dual band radio. First reason I selected this radio was, I had one one hand. The radio is really full featured 50W 2m/70cm true dual band radio. Supports Data modes, Echolink, X-band repeater, and also happen to have two that are were installed into the truck. I am pretty familiar with this model.

First step was to get the antenna up so I can be heard!
Second was to mount the radio with the power supply.
The head unit, speaker, and microphone are all easy to wire with Cat6E cable inside.  I have two spare wires that I might be able to use for something else.

All in all I am very pleased with the installation. I checked the 2m swr and it was about 1.3. I did forget to test the 70cm swr. Signal reports have all been good. Got me excited for the next project!

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