Cascading Project(s) Part 2

Cascading Project(s) Part 2

Plan A:


  • Old 200GB PATA Hard drive
  • 3 TB SATA Hard drive

I used a PATA to use to replicate the existing SATA drive the the PATA USB drive.   Short bit a googling to learn that the best way to move the files and maintain all permissions, user groups, etc was tar.

Tar mount points, and extract to new mount points.  After a few tries all is well.. ready for the switch.  By time all was ready it was late, I knew I should just go to bed.  But… I knew if I waited too long there be many files that might have changed and I would have to re-tar it all.

So up I stay… time to get this switched.  So, I umounted the soekris, unhooked all the wires and cracked the case.  Swapped out the hard drives… but nothing.  The new drive wouldn’t boot.    On to Plan B…


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