Cascading Project(s) Part 5

Cascading Project(s) Part 5

I got a little busy and haven’t got back to this project until now.  Last update was Part 4.  I noticed that my local network was losing time sync.  I knew I has enabled NTP on the server… why wasn’t it serving my local clients.

After digging into it a little, I noticed that the new install did not have the listen on * added to the /etc/ntpd.conf configuration file.  Added it, restarted the daemon, and bingo!  Time sync.  I could of course have all my local devices sync themselves to an internet time server, but why have the extra clients/load/internet traffic. 😀

NFS was having some performance issues.  Bad enough where a 1 gig movie was having buffering issues.  I know that TCP has more overhead than UDP so I jumped in to the server, switched nfsd with the -u to force it to only allow UDP connections.  I am currently watching a 1.7 gig file without any issues.  As a test I am about to start uncompressing some tarballs and recompiling the system with the latest patches.  I will report back later.

For some reason the system is now missing libc, libssl, libcrypto.  This is causing issues installing noip and mysql.  Almost there.


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