Getting things ready for Arizona

Getting things ready for Arizona

Tuesday was my long work day.  Back to back meetings, plus calls and issues that come up.   Good news was the weather was clearing for Wednesday’s flight to Arizona.  I wanted to go make sure the plane is all preflighted and fueled for the next day.  After work I headed to the Airport.

Strange thing… the plane wasn’t there!!  Wait a minute… I know I parked it right here… the same spot I always do.

Someone towed it.  I had a notice to move it by Wednesday at noon.  I double checked my watch and sure enough it was still Tuesday at 18:30.  Plenty of time before my deadline.  But wait why did they move it!?!  The same thing happened last year.  Now some might say… why do you wait until the day before the deadline to move it.  Well its simple. I have other obligations that i have to schedule around yet still will meet the deadline.  This time was because I was going to leave early Wednesday and when flying back going to park in the new area.  Everyone would win

Okay, so I am little pissed!  But I can still salvage this.  I drove around the airport until I found it.  I proceeded to preflight.  Everything looked great minus a little fuel.  Time to warm up the engine and go get some Fuel.  Felt good to taxi down and fuel up.  Everything so far is perfect for Wednesday Flight.

(to be cont…)

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