Hotel Stay

Hotel Stay

I booked a room on the Colorado Bell. it is a old riverboat hotel on the rivers edge. I have always seen it and thought how cool it would be to stay there. Be advised that even if you book your room, they can move you to another property. That is what happened to us. We were moved into the tower that was more like a tiny big city condo located in the projects. The room had several issues. We ended up checking out a day early because of the issues. The staff was almost all rude and carried a look on their faces like they just hated life. The shower was loud, the AC annoyingly loud, just over all not a good stay.

One exception was the restaurant “the Loading Dock,” our server was very good and friendly. It would be my recommendation that you avoid this hotel and go to one of the many other friendly places in town.

Below are some pictures of the room… the stuffed dog we brought.

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