It is official… Part 2

It is official… Part 2

Now that the  whole process is completed I can give a full review.  Since my Subaru died, I been shopping around for another car.  There are plethora of cars on craigslist, used car lots, and new cars.  Looking for something that is going to be reliable for many years, good service history, and not some scam is quite a challenge.  Even visiting the car lot proved bothersome.  Good friend of mine suggested going through fleet department.  While Googling some information about fleet departments, manager names, etc I ran across Fleet Direct Auto Brokers.  I figured why not

From first contact with Rami, he was the opposite of pushy.  Mainly said, what car do you want?  I had already done some research and so I told him a 2016 Subaru Legacy.  I was figuring the outgoing model would have more of a discount.  At the same time I was talking to other dealers mainly in the Phoenix area.  Because I would be able to leave it registered in Arizona I was trying to save on the taxes.

What was strange, was Rami was able to beat their price by almost 600$.  That was including all the fees, taxes, and other charges.  Of course that dealer had nothing to say about that.  Needless to say I went with Rami.

I have him my first choice color pick, and my backup two colors.  Same with the options.  Rami came back with a 2017, extra options, and the first choice color for only 1000$ more than the 2016 model.  But this isn’t where the buck stops.

Rami made it clear that the choice of cars was all me, as was the location, and other details.  Subaru has a 48 or 60 0% financing that Rami was ready with the paperwork to handle.  I even picked a location about 20 minutes from work to make the deal.  Granted he was willing to goto my house, my work, and just about anywhere else I wanted.

When Rami arrived with the new car and all the papers, it took about 30 minutes for us to review all the terms, signed all the papers, and review details about the car.  He was even willing to go through the pairing process for the BlueTooth.  Of course I let him off early because I work in Tech that I would take care of that later.

And that was all there was.  He went his way and I went my way (in the new car!)

P.S.  I not sure what I was thinking and forgot to snap pictures today.  I will grab some tomorrow.  I did get my dash-cam installed and my mount for video blog.

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