It is official.

It is official.

This morning I received this email:

Congratulations on the purchase of your Subaru!
Below are the features (if applicable) that were reviewed with you at the time of delivery of your vehicle. If you require clarification or have any further questions about the features of your vehicle, please reach out to your Sales Consultant or Retailer.

Vehicle Delivery Checklist

I am still waiting to hear from them, but it appears that the order was processed.  It is scheduled to be on its way today.  In fact, in less than two hours.  Very exciting since I never set foot in the dealer.  This is the new way to buy cars.  Full review will be done with information once the whole process is completed.

I am going to need a bigger box to do this unboxing!  Under my account it shows the car with only five miles on it.


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