New thermostat

New thermostat

I came home Monday night to find myself without heat!  I crawled up in the Attic and started troubleshooting the unit.  AC functions worked, which showed fan related components in working order. The gas furnace was not firing.  I figure it was the gas valve, gas valve relay, or the something on that side. 

After a few days of freezing (high of 51 and low of 48 in the morning) and procrastination… Finally had a technician come by and test it.  Turns out it was as simple as the thermostat! Thank goodness. 

I couldn’t replace the thermostat without my assistant.  First thing we did when getting home was replaced it. 

She is wiring in the new back plate.  A very good assistant she is… And now we have heat!  I don’t mind being home now since we are not freezing!

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