Security Camara Upgrade!

Security Camara Upgrade!

After using the cameras for a while I noticed some areas that I needed improvement.  I also happen to have need for a second camera system.  It made sense to purchase an upgraded system, 16 Camera DVR, and use the old system at the other location.  This system is supposed to better support mobile browsers and devices, supports full streaming of all 16 channels, and recording at full D1 quality.  Will all these improvements, it was well overdo to upgrade the cameras.  I am only going up to 1000TVL with 42 IR Leds for around the property, improving coverage both day/night.  I also decided on Dome 1200 TVL for the inside.  I never wanted one until I had an alarm go off and I couldn’t see inside.  So I will remedy that now!  I will also we wire the connectors using two conductors instead of just one.

I am very excited about this upgrade… it should be here soon.  Check back in to see how the new system is looking, as well as the comparison between the 800, 1000, and 1200 cameras.




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