Subaru Troubles

Subaru Troubles

The other day my subaru overheated.  It happened just as I was getting home so I wasn’t too worried.  I let it cool down, and took it in to the shop.  After the shop fixed the problem I was good to go.

That was until it overheated again… I thought that had fixed it.  I took it back to the shop… Said “look, I just need this fixed.” So they will fix it.  A week later I had my car back… all fixed.

Oh that was until it overheated again!!  Okay, clearly this guy cannot fix cars.  So I had the car towed to my friends shop.  Found out that they used the wrong parts that was causing it run hot and overheat the engine.

Now it needed more work to repair the damage.  Have repairing everything I was good to go.  Unfortunately, the mechanic did not inspect the lower thrust bearings.

So after driving for about a week, in my nicely cleaned repaired car, the thrust bearing went out allowing the pushrod to destroy one of the cylinders.

The Bluebook on the car is 5k$  I have already put in almost 4k$ into it trying to fix it.  I think its time to say good bye and start looking for a replacement.

She was a good car and served me well until the end.

3 thoughts on “Subaru Troubles

  1. wow dude.. That total sux! I would try and take the guy to small claims for the issue. He caused more damage and by law he was an expert remember the UCC from class?

    1. Try to see how to prove it, that is the issue. He can easily say it wasn’t him and its my driving style or any number of things.

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