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Cascading Project(s)

Cascading Project(s)

You know how it goes, little simple change… leads to moving into a whole new house several states away.

Lucky for me this isn’t one of the simples changes… not yet.  This was a much easier (read simpler) change.

I have been using the Raspberry Pi2 Running OpenElec/Kodi for my media center needs.  It has worked for the most part without a glitch.  The only glitch was that streaming movies from my Windows share it would have some buffering issues. A little annoyance thats all.  That was until Microsoft.

Thats right, Microsoft.  We all know how they are, constant security flaws, updates, new versions, licensing nightmares, etc.  Well, I had enough!  It was time to say good bye to Microsoft.

Restore Laptop to Windows 10, update and sell.  That provided capital for buy the Pi’s.  It all went well, down the the last desktop that was used as NAS.

Easy Solution there as well… Move the 3TB drive to the Soekris, install some software and bingo. Ha

Running up to date OpenBSD, installed MySQL, Setup NFS and test.  I loaded the little single board PC 89% CPU, recompiled, and still streamed to the Pi without any buffering issues.  I now knew that this was the best solution.

Well.. here is a hint… not all that simple… But that is for later.

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