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Sony Bravia and HDMI control

Sony Bravia and HDMI control

I had a friend give me a broken 52″ Sony Bravia TV.  The issue so far is some horizontal lines that display until the TV warms up, which takes about ten minutes.

Not bad for free, turn on the TV and go make some grub, then you are ready to watch a movie.  Of course this is a perfect addition to the Raspberry Pi Kodi project I been doing.

I mounted the TV on the wall with the Pi just behind it connected to HDMI1.  It all went rather smooth dispite mounting a TV that large by yourself.  I normally just use an app on the phone for a remote control of the Kodi system. That was until, while playing with the new Sony remote control, it controlled Kodi.


Yes… apparently the sony TV can send HDMI controls to devices plugged into it.  This was a cool new feature that I never heard of before.  I now have one remote to control them all!  Okay not really… Just one remote to control both the Sony TV and Kodi.  Which does make things very streamlined.  I even went in to test the other TV to see if I just been missing the setting to turn it on… Nope.  For my its just the Sony.


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