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I met up with my cousin last Friday for lunch… then dinner.  The thing is that when we get together we can talk a lot.  we are talking about hours!

We talk about everything, trucks, campers, generators, planes, etc… the list would go on forever.

I snapped a picture of where we were…


This is a interesting place… not a good place.  We watched the going-ons and were provided plenty of entertainment.

As we chatted we heard some banging, then car alarm… we looked to see what was going on, and apparently the truck that says “dent repair” that was family filled was stopped and banging on another truck… guess there was a dent… sounded like they were adding more dents! lol.

Then, we see a suspicious lady fixing herself in the window of a closed store… then she adjusts her outfit.  About that time a man rolls up on his bicycle.  For the next 15 minutes we watched, adding in our own voice to the conversation that they might have been having.  Miscellaneous people approached or left  Once the man on the bike and lady came to an agreement, she went for a walk.  Leaving her stuff behind with the man.    Turns out we were watching the local prostitute ring in operation.  I had no idea the town had gone down hill that much.  I grew up in this town.  In fact we used to shop in this same shopping plaza.  Man have times changed.

However, whenever you get to add your voice and make up conversations makes things much more entertaining.    I am sure if we stayed around longer who knows what we would see, but that idea nearly scared me into leaving.

Sad future for this town.

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