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UPDATE on NFS Movie Library

UPDATE on NFS Movie Library

The new movie library has been working flawlessly!  I picked up a second flat screen that I mounted in the living room with its own PI.  Now I can start a movie, press pause, and resume on another TV in the other room.  The next step is building the movie library.

I have several hundred DVDs around the house that I cannot play without using a computer.  I am testing out a program on the mac called MakeMKV.   It takes about 40 minutes to save a DVD into a MKV file.  In order to save my whole collection will take three days of straight saving.  Likely it will take much longer, because who has the time to sit there for three says just watching DVDs save.

Because I am only saving my own purchased DVDs, I don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with the law!  Yet, when people come over I will be able to use the Kodi Media center to easily browse the movie library, watch trailers, and select what we want to watch.  I think this part of the project will finish it up.

Well… Need to hookup the Pi in my daughter’s room, so she can earn a movie to watch ….  that will be TBD later 🙂


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