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Security Camara Upgrade! Part 2

Security Camara Upgrade! Part 2

The first thing I tested on the new DVR was the 1200TVL camera.  I have to say I was extremely disappointed in the video quality.  I double checked my settings and found the the DVR defaulted to CIF format for capture… which is the lowest possible capture.  For the life of me I could not find how to change it to D1 or 1080P.  Back to amazon to send the seller a message.

Before sending the message, I of course check the listing page to make sure I didn’t make a mistake, and it clearly says captures in 1080P.  I asked how do I switch it, and there response was its CIF only DVR!?  WHAT… why did I buy a 1080P DVR with better cameras if it can only records at CIF.   Needless to say, its being returned.

I ordered another DVR that apparently will work.  Now I just have to wait longer.  It kind of let the sails out of my project though.

I went ahead and upgraded some of the cameras to the new ones…

here is one camera Before:


And new camera after the switch.


The color on the new camera is truer.   The range seems clearer, and its a wider angle.  I am happy with the switch.  I still have to finish up with the better wiring, extra cameras and the new DVR.

But it has started!


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