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Review of the Simplisafe Alarm Cont.

Review of the Simplisafe Alarm Cont.

I have finished installing the system… unbelievable how easy it was.   Called support to have them activate it. They were very helpful and quick to do so.

Also had a chance to play with the app and the portal.  The web portal allows you to change your settings and tweak the system. The arm and disarm from the app as well as checking the event log all worked perfectly.

At this point, I am weighing the cost of upgrading my system to this one.  I check in after a few months.

Review of the Simplisafe Alarm

Review of the Simplisafe Alarm

I wanted to look into the Simplisafe Alarm system.  While I already have my own alarm system, this system has some interesting points I wanted to look further into.

I am already paying 25$ for monitored service.  Which means, any of my 15 sensors get set off they will dispatch the police department to my house.    My system does work well and reliable, yet it is lacking in terms of features.

I called simplisafe to talk about options and the lady on the phone was very knowledgable about the system.  She was very friendly, and helpful in picking out the system.  So much so, she shipped one item separately so I could use two coupon codes, and free upgraded shipping.  Not to mention also included a free month of monitored service, and extra 24$ value right there.

The simplisafe system is targeted at the DIY’er.  Simple in setup, there is not many parts to worry about.  You have sensors, can be; door, window, fire alarm, motion, etc.  you pick out how many of which kind of sensors based on the place you will be alarming.  The test trailer is much smaller than a normal house.  Thus, I only ordered, two doors, one motion, and fire alarm.  In contrast, my house I have three doors, eight windows, three motion.  I cannot imagine having many differences with more sensors… the small system will do just fine.

I will post an update one the system is setup and working.


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