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Cascading Project(s) Part 3

Cascading Project(s) Part 3

Plan B:

I have the whole server installed in about 15GB or less. Yet I am trying to copy it to a 200GB drive and save the 3TB drive for storage.  Plan A was to use one PATA and the other SATA which according to the soekris wiki works if you use the jumper on the drive to select cable select.  I was trying to jumper the drive to cable select when the pin broke off.  That concluded plan A.

What do you get when you take 3TB drive and take about 15GB?  2.985TB.  Still plenty of space for storage and simplify the setup, lower heat and power usage.  So that is plan B.

However, they are both SATA and I only have one SATA plug 🙁  No worries, I just installed the 3TB drive into a desktop, boot CD and fresh install.  The added benefit to this is I get a free upgrade in the process.  From Openbsd 5.8 to Openbsd 5.9!

Nice clean  booting OpenBSD 5.9 Soekris server with 2.985TB of storage!

But wait… How can I copy files from version 5.8 to 5.9… oh no. some libraries and files have changed.  On to Plan B.2


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