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Arizona Game and Fish, BullSh*&t

Arizona Game and Fish, BullSh*&t

Okay, so I took my daughter out on the river this last weekend.  And it was quite a bit of work trying to launch and load the boat by yourself.  But I tell you what… did both on the first try!  A bit more practice and I think it will be easier.

Now I pick off weekends to go out there to lessen the number of crazy people who I have to contend with.  Out of pure safety reasons.  So the crowds and crazies were not bad this trip out there.  However, that didn’t stop the Arizona Game and Fish Department enforcement retards from doing a sobriety / Safety checkpoint.  Should be doing this on holiday weekends… come on guys, lets use a brain cell.

It doesn’t bother me that they are checking… if it helps keep my daughter and I safe please go ahead.  But when I watching 15 Arizona Game and Fish enforce deputies ( or whatever the hell they are) have fun on jet skis, in one little area of the river, and they give me a criminal citation for not having a throwable flotation device while up river a drunk boater runs over a family on a jet ski, hospitalized two, and fatally injures one.  One must think that whoever is running this operation rides the short bus to work?!  Get real dumbasses!  That guy could have just as easily ran us over.

I mean seriously, I have five (yes 5) life-vests for two people… and yes I can throw a life-vest… and you think that by giving me a criminal citation you have somehow done your job and saved a life?   You should be out there catching these idiots that are drinking and boating that endanger so many more lives.

You know I am going to publicized this as much as I can… If we cannot have officials working for us, what is their point?!

The amount of incompetence that took place this last weekend is sad 🙁

I am alive to pay my fine and justify your job, while that other family… has a painful and long recovery, and may never recover from the loss of their daughter.  My thoughts and prays go to them.

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