Time to give my baby a bath

Time to give my baby a bath

It’s been way over due… now with the new cover in hand it was time. 

This was before:

And after:

You can see both sides… 

It was bad!

Also we finished cleaning it the engine from the bird nest. She ran up and did just fine.  I even used my creeper to roll around under her belly washing her up. 

Was a very good day! 

Here she is as we left, all clean in covered.. 

Notice I now have cowling plugs to keep the birds out! Not again.

2 thoughts on “Time to give my baby a bath

    1. I am working on that. Thinking after work this week I will get airborne. 😀 I will be calling Chino to get on the list for some new avionics and calling Arizona for new paint. We will see what the price is

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