Security cameras

Security cameras

The one advice I heard when putting up a few cameras around the property was, “Get a bigger DVR than you think you need.”    As I looked around the property I thought through where I was going to put the cameras and what I was going to see… and decided I would get a eight channel DVR.  Meaning I can run the max of eight cameras on it.

Found a really good deal on amazon for an Anran DVR few terabytes of storage, and few cameras.  Not having exact cable measurements, I opted to make my own cables, using standard Cat5e cable and some of these Video/Power adapters.  For the video camera side, I grabbed indoor/outdoor waterproof 800TVL 24 IR Led Day/Night Mode.

The setup was rather simple… Make sure you don’t cross your wires.  I now have access to my cameras from my laptop, tablet, phone, etc.   The night vision could be a bit better… but I didn’t expect much for 18$  All worked well.

My only issue is that well I thought I needed four cameras, and bought the eight camera DVR, the price difference of 30$ to get the 16 camera DVR is what I should have done.  Just to have room to add some more cameras.



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