Unboxing Bose QC35 part 2

Unboxing Bose QC35 part 2

Recently I picked up the Bose QuietComfort 35 (QC35).   Click here for the unboxing video.  I have had a few days to test and try them out.  I must say that these are more amazing as my aviation Bose A20 headsets!  I didn’t think that was possible but it is.  Here is a little graphic that I stole from google image search that explains the theory behind active noise cancellation.


After they charged up I tested them in a quiet (so I thought) room.  The feel, fit and weight all were barely noticeable.  You can clearly hear the difference once they start-up.  In fact, the slight sound of my ceiling fan completely disappears.   My fan is not that loud so that isn’t saying much beyond that they work.

I took them on a real world test.  Time to drive the mustang!  The ’86 Mustang GT convertible, with its V8 5.0 supercharged engine and dual flow-master custom exhaust is not the quietest car.  I often hear from my neighbor that is on the next block every time I even start the car.

With the Bose QC35 headset powered up and ready to go, I drove to work.  45 miles, combination of side streets, mountains, and freeways at 35 to 75 mph.  Now this is where the amazing part, I could barely tell the engine was on.  As it is a 5-speed manual transmission that was also the problem.  I had to keep watching the tach to see when I needed to shift.  Normally you can hear when its time to shift.  This is how good these Bose QC35 headsets work.

I have used it for the last few days and now down to 70% remaining after the first charge.  I have made phone calls, and use it every day at work.  My desk being in the data center is always loud because of the constant cooling, and all the racks and servers.  However, once I power up the Bose QC35 nearly all the sounds disappear.   Only the sound of my music remain!

The frequency response for music enjoyment is perfect.  Now there are some audiophiles that know the Bose is not the best for audio quality.  Bose is balancing a fence between the best possible sound, best possible active noise cancellation, in one small, lightweight package.

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